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Being at the center of the Golden Circle our guests have easy access to numerous local attractions and activities. Short travel times means you can enjoy these attractions before and after rush hours.

Below is a list of local attractions, restaurants, swimming pools and gas stations.

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Distance: 59 km

Þingvellir (Thingvellir) is a historic site and national park in Iceland, east of Reykjavík. It's known for the Alþing (Althing), the site of Iceland's parliament from the 10th to 18th centuries. On the site are the Þingvellir Church and the ruins of old stone shelters. The park sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of 2 tectonic plates, with rocky cliffs and fissures like the huge Almannagjá fault. There you can dive or snorkel “between continents” of Europe and America.



Distance: 27 km

Gullfoss is so much more than a simple iconic waterfall. It has a story – a story of Sigridur Tomasdottir that saved the waterfall from being destroyed in the early 20th century when couple of business people had plans to turn the waterfall into a hydroelectric dam to generate electricity. Luckily Sigridur fought hard and later the waterfall was sold to the state of Iceland. She was neither rich nor beautiful, or famous for conquering armies or men. Instead, she championed a cause to preserve a natural wonder from being harnessed for industrial development.


Vínstofan Friðheimum

Distance: 130m

Friðheimar Winebar is a bar and workspace located in one of our oldest greenhouses on the Friðheimar estate. Here, you can enjoy a quality glass of wine or a light meal, meet friends, read a book, or get some work done. You are warmly welcome, with no need to book in advance.



Distance: 19 km

Geysir, sometimes known as The Great Geysir, is a geyser in southwestern Iceland. It was the first geyser described in a printed source and the first known to modern Europeans. The English word geyser derives from Geysir. The name Geysir itself is derived from the Icelandic verb geysa the verb from Old Norse. The Geysir is now “sleeping” but another one, Strokkur, is erupting many times every day.



Distance: 24 km

Laugarvatn is a hamlet of around 200 people, by the lake of the same name. Originally formed around the boarding school there, it is now best known for being a detour on the Golden Circle with a geothermal pool. Fontana Spa

At the Fontana spa at Laugarvatn you can relax in the excellent geothermal swimming pool and the three steam rooms which sit directly over bubbling hot pots and have near 100 percent humidity. The spa also features a Finnish-style sauna and three interconnected mineral baths. At the spa you can also enjoy the stone artwork of artist Erla Þórarinsdóttir.


Secret Lagoon

Distance: 12 km

The Secret Lagoon is a man-made pool fed by naturally occurring hot springs located at Hverahólmi, the geothermal area next to the village of Flúðir in southern Iceland. It is the oldest pool in the country, and one of the most popular for locals and tourists alike.


Mika Restaurant

Distance: 100 m

Just “next door” to the Hotel we have great Restaurant Mika famous for their great pizza, lobster salad and handmade chocolates.



Distance: 500 m

In the street behind the Hotel are the magical Friðheimar – a famous greenhouse farm and a restaurant with horse shows that mainly grows tomatoes and offers a wonderful lunch (soup / pasta / tortillas) which you enjoy inside the greenhouse. Opening hours 12:00-16:00



Distance: 28 km

Kerið is a volcanic crater lake in the Grímsnes area of South Iceland. It is close to the three major sites that comprise Iceland’s world-famous Golden Circle sightseeing route.



Distance: 33 km

Laugarvatnshellir is quite a remarkable cave, as two families lived in it in the last century, and two children were even born in this cave. Laugarvatnshellir is one of the very few caves in Iceland in which people actually lived. It was normal for outlaws to live in caves, but not for the common Icelander.

sundlaug reykholt

Swimming Pool

Distance: 600 m

The swimming pool in Reykholt is located in the sport Center. The pool features a water slider, two hot tubs and a cold tub. In the sport center there is also an indoor sports arena and a gym.


Convenience Store

Distance: 190 m

Bjarnabud is a convenience store located next to our hotel and there you can buy food and gas.

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